• Midtown Depot

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    The Team

    Kaleb Newton

    Margaret Richardson

    Peyton Leingang

    Price Bryan

    Shantae Perry

    The Midtown Depot, a beer garden and art park, is located in the heart of the Midtown neighborhood. The Midtown Depot is a unique combination of a classic beer garden, art park, music venue, event space, and community gathering place. Over the past few years, ELSEWORKS analysts have been working across the spectrum – everything from idea creation, to business planning, to landscaping and design, furnishings and fixtures, supply chain and inventory, menu creation and pricing, and operations.


    This year, the ELSEWORKS Team is working to promote the Depot as an event space. Analysts will develop a sales brochure for events, update the website, and execute a digital promoting strategy. The Depot will serve as a core offering that when paired with the Midtown Mosaic and BRIX rum distillery will serve as a catalsyt to create an event and community center for the neighborhood.