• Midtown Depot

    The Team

    Raj Agrawal

    Amanda Kibble

    Walter Johnson Jr

    Molli Perry

    Austin Ramey

    The Midtown Depot, a beer garden and art park, is located in the heart of the Midtown neighborhood. Midtown Depot is a unique combination of a classic beer garden, art park, music venue, event space, and community gathering place. Fusing gourmet food with craft beer and art, the Midtown Depot has it all in one extraordinary, welcoming location. ELSEWORKS analysts have been working across the spectrum – landscaping and design, furnishings and fixtures, supply chain and inventory, menu and pricing, event planning, and digital marketing.


    This year, the EW Midtown Depot team is partnering with BRIX, a new development next door to the Depot in the old Lucky Town Brewing facility that plans to offer rum-based cocktails. ELSEWORKS will also assist BRIX in the cultivation of several new businesses within one facility, including a rum distillery, Northshore Specialty Coffee, Just Vanilla Bakery, and tap room. The EW team’s focus is the development of a non-profit artistic community gathering space shared between the two businesses.

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