• Midtown Depot

    The Team

    Raj Agrawal

    Amanda Kibble

    Walter Johnson Jr

    Molli Perry

    Austin Ramey

    The Midtown Depot, a beer garden and art park, is located in the heart of the Midtown neighborhood. The Midtown Depot is a unique combination of a classic beer garden, art park, music venue, event space, and community gathering place. Over the past few years, ELSEWORKS analysts have been working across the spectrum – everything from idea creation, to business planning, to landscaping and design, furnishings and fixtures, supply chain and inventory, menu creation and pricing, and operations. 


    This year, the ELSEWORKS Team has been working to implement the Depot's new temporary strategy as an "event only" venue for the time being. ELSEWORKS has been assisting with event planning, digital marketing, and promotional efforts. 


    The Depot is the only business that is currently operational in the "Triple Threat", serving as a core catalyst that will help the Midtown Mosaic and BRIX come to life. 

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