• Business Association Midtown

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    The Team

    Kaleb Newton

    Landry Lemoine

    Margaret Richardson

    Molli Perry

    Price Bryan

    Shantae Perry

    The BAM team is a standing team that works closely with The Business Association of Midtown (BAM) to support businesses in the Midtown neighborhood. The team dedicates time to creating content and promoting events and stories about the powerful entrepreneurial spirit of the community. BAM hosts two major events during the year and the analyst team works to support these events. Holiday Studio Tour is an event held in the winter with businesses and studios in the Midtown neighborhood opening their doors to the public for special tours. Midfest in May is a street festival with Midtown businesses and vendors from around the city participating, along with food and musical acts. The EW BAM team also maintains the BAM website, including member features and posting events and news.