Jonathan Brandon
Originally from Starkville, MS, I am currently seeking my Master’s of Business Administration at Millsaps College’s Else School of Management. My family has a long-standing tradition of attending Millsaps for their Undergraduate Degree’s starting with my Grandfather in 1943. I chose to continue my education at Millsaps after completing my undergraduate degree for the best experience while also being able to participate in the Elsework program.
Riley Fobare
Originally from Franklin, TN, I received my Bachelors of Business Administration from Millsaps. Millsaps gave me the opportunity to play soccer,  receive an education in Business Administration, and now particle the MAcc Program. I plan to get my CPA license and work for a public accounting firm that also deals with nonprofit organizations. I joined ElseWorks because I believe is the goals of this program. I enjoy the goal of bettering the Jackson Area and helping start-up business. ElseWorks also gives me the opportunity to experience a real world job.
Alan Merkle
Originally from Ridgeland, Mississippi, I received my undergraduate degree in Accounting and am currently enrolled in the MAAC Program while playing baseball here at Millsaps College. Being from the Jackson metro area, I have always wanted to have a positive impact on the community, so I saw Elseworks as an amazing opportunity to use my education and skills to the best of my ability in order to do just that. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I am looking forward to entering the world of corporate accounting.
Gabe Ryce
I am in the graduate program at Millsaps working towards my MBA with a concentration in Finance. I am from Jonesboro, Georgia, and attended Millsaps for my undergraduate degree. Going to Millsaps for my undergraduate I experienced firsthand the quality of a Millsaps education, and there was no other place I wanted to attend or saw myself getting my MBA from. I joined ElseWorks because of the real-world experience I would gain in different areas of business operations. ElseWorks is a great compliment to my studies and will help me achieve my career goal of being an Investor and Entrepreneur.
Owen Thompson
Currently, I am participating in the MBA program at the Else School. I come from small town Livonia, LA. After spending four years of undergraduate schooling at Millsaps, I was able to understand the academic excellence possessed here, and also witnessed the endless benefits that ELSEWORKS offered to my predecessors. This drew me back. Hopefully upon graduating, I will work in financial services or real estate and one day own a business myself. Ultimately, I want to grow old on a lot of land somewhere out the in country and be able to live on and run a small ranch.
Tanner Wheat
I am currently in the MBA program with the Else School at Millsaps College. I am from Fort Worth, Texas and spent the last four years at Millsaps College getting my Business Administration degree. I was drawn to ELSEWORKS because I wanted an opportunity to give back to the area after it has meant so much to me. I am planning on attending law school upon graduating, as I am very interested in business law, specifically contract law. The MBA program will allow me to have a better understanding of the field I eventually end up working in.
Morris Kelly Clayton
I am a junior at Millsaps College working towards my degree in Business Administration. I grew up in a small town, New Albany, MS. I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to get engaged hands on with ELSEWorks. My goal is to let it guide me in finding where I see myself upon graduation. My plans for after graduation are not concrete, but the marketing aspect of business has always caught my interest. I hope through this experience I am guided where I want to be following my four years at Millsaps.
Christian Okorji
I am a senior at Millsaps College working towards my degree in Economics and Business Administration. I am a Nigerian national who moved to the United States in 2017 for higher education. I am glad to be involved with the Elseworks team because it has put me in an environment where I am able to implement my technical knowledge from the classroom and a space where I can improve my team-work and communication skills. I hope to have a career in financial management, and I am confident that this experience will put me on the right track to achieve my future goals.
Paul Thomas
I am a junior participating in the ELSEWORKS internship program. I am majoring in both Economics and Business Administration, and I’m from Hattiesburg, MS, which is just a little south of Jackson, MS. I originally believed I was going to come to Millsaps to study medicine, but during my senior year in high-school, I fell in love with business, economics, and finance and haven’t looked back. I joined ELSEWORKS in order to learn more about the formation of businesses and what it takes to run one, and I plan to work somewhere in the area of finance or management.